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How to switch between multiple MacOS X Python framework versions

This is mainly a note-for-self kinda post.

I’ve got multiple Python framework versions installed in my Mac, including MacPorts’ versions.

If I need to switch between MacPorts versions, I can use the usual

sudo port select python python26
sudo port select python python27

but if I need to switch to a MacPython version then I have to update the PATH manually like this.

export PATH

At this point, I can type   which python  in the shell and check whether the path has been changed.

To revert back to the MacPorts version, I will use

export PATH

Again, you can double-check by typing   which python  in the shell.

Now, what I’ve noticed is that at this point the

sudo port select python python27

won’t take effect anymore. I mean after the PATH has been manually changed, MacPorts above command doesn’t seem to be any longer effective although it said it succeeds in doing the selection. That means that manually changing the PATH may have compromised the port selection functionality in some ways, please let me know if you’ve got a clue of what might’ve happened to it.

That’s all. Err, not yet. I found this blog post very helpful.