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Fixing Microsoft Outlook’s GPU usage on MacBookPros

MacBookPros, as well as other PC laptops, can count on two GPUs to use alternatively. OSX switches automatically between the two GPUs under certain conditions – an app requesting so, for instance. gfxCardStatus is a sweet tool to get insights on which OSX app makes use of the faster GPU (and more battery draining) and when that switch happens. I would recommend to re-compile gfxCardStatus because the binary is quite old despite it seems to be still holding on fine on OSX 10.9.

Anyway, getting back to the subject of this post, one of the apps that doesn’t seem to really need a faster GPU is MS Outlook and possibly other MS Office products, I haven’t tested them all. Sometimes when I send an email, MS Outlook seems to cause a GPU switching from the less powerful GPU (Intel HD Graphics 4000) to the more powerful one (NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M) and then the latter remains switched on. That uses up more battery charge.

If you’ve noticed the same behaviour, a fix to make MS Outlook stop doing that requires a tiny bit of settings editing.

Open a Terminal session and copy/paste in the following line. Please do notice that your path and/or MS Outlook version might be different so please amend the line below.

nano -c /Applications/Microsoft\ Office\ 2011/Microsoft\

search (Ctrl + w) for the lines


and place the following two lines right under them.


save (Ctrl-o) and restart MS Outlook. From this moment on, MS Outlook should no longer request a GPU switch.